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Tara Felicia Consulting

Unleash A Better You


Hi, I'm

Tara Felicia Jones

Life Coach, Mentor, Teacher and so much more

Tara Felicia Consulting provides high quality cultural, physical and financial coaching to individuals, organizations and small businesses. Taking a wholistic approach to transform minds, bodies and pocketbooks; one thought, one pound, one dollar at a time.

Changing Pockets

Change Please the Game that Grows with you
Financial Workshops
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Changing Bodies

Stretch Sessions 
Nutrition Seminars
Workout regimens

Changing Minds

Getting to Know the Real You 
Sistahs Coping
Families of Harambee
Social Services

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Tara's Terrific Tips

The mission of Tara Felicia Consulting is to transform minds, bodies and pocketbooks one thought, one pound, and one dollar at a time.

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Unleash A Better You

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