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Coping Sessions

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Tara allows space for participants to share experiences of untold trauma, unresolved emotional anguish, and vicious cycles of hostility and poverty that may plague their lives and communities in “Coping Sessions”.  Tara's wish is that her project not only serve as a therapeutic resource, but also as the first step to promote public awareness of the lasting emotional, economic, and social effects that are often overlooked amongst African American women due to the abrupt deaths of their fathers.

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“Having the Girl Talk Sessions with the various students from Chester opened up a new world for me. It allowed me to see that so many of us had suffered experiences that has stunted our social and emotional growth at one time. From alcohol use, sexual assault to physical abuse. In each session it became more and more apparent how important sessions like this were for all of us. We cried, laughed and argued in many of our gatherings because we began to share in this space like no other. It was safe, non-judgmental, and allowed you to be yourself.”

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Sistahs Coping: If My Daddy Was Here

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"Great read!!! It will help a lot of women and families that have similar circumstances!!!"

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