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DrillFit Nation provides a comprehensive assortment of wellness programs that focus on decreasing preventive factors and emphasizing positive behavior changes. Sustaining practices for living whole, healthy and vital lives of intention and purpose. Every participant will receive information on exercise tools and nutritional information to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

DrillFit Nation Kids Edition

Program Overview

Drill Fit Nation is a comprehensive wellness program developed to promote healthy living by offering guided instruction in fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness. Our youth centric program model allows for children ages 5-12 to engage in meaningful group activities designed to reduce physical inactivity, passive screen time and poor nutritional habits.

Originally conceptualized as an expansion effort of My Majestic Drill Team, founder Tara F. Jones developed Drill Fit Nation Kids Edition partly in response to COVID19; now offering the program as a structured school-based initiative. In early 2020, as the nation rolled out life-sustaining COVID19 restrictions that would unfortunately cause schools and other youth serving agencies to suspend in-person instruction and cancel youth extracurricular activities such as gymnastics, cheerleading and sports leagues, Ms. Jones forecasted the adverse social, emotional and physical effects these restrictions would have on our nation's youth.

Realizing that keeping school-aged children safe from communicable disease would inevitably cause a reduction in opportunities for social engagement and physical activity; while increasing the likelihood of them becoming more sedentary and isolated by placing them at-home in front of screens, Ms. Jones offers Drill Fit Nation Kids Edition as a method to counteract these negative impacts and as a means to encourage mental and emotional wellbeing, combat childhood obesity and foster prosocial engagement in a fun interactive virtual platform.

Program Overview


fitness pose.png

Crystal J.

I can't believe you got me working out again! Thank you, I truly needed this. 

Virtual Workout

James J.

When are you coming back?  You made working out fun!!! Jump rope, kickball, dance.. omg you had it all..



This is the best class of the summer! We love you Ms. Tara


Different ways DrillFit Nation can be incorporated into your organization:

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DrillFit Nation servers a range of organizations including, but not limited to:

Schools, nonprofits, after school programs and so much more!


Program Objectives

With guided course instruction Drill Fit Nation Kids Edition will allow you to participate in weekly choreographed peer guided exercises routines from the comfort of their own homes, Youth enrolled in the program will be assessed via pre-post examination to identify personal goals and gauge individual strengths, habits, connectedness. Through our comprehensive service delivery system youth will receive supportive services to ensure that both program and individual goals are realized. Thus, our programmatic framework was established to:

1) Increase youth participation in pro-social activities to foster healthy self-esteem and increase social connectedness.

2) Increase engagement in sport and physical activity in an effort to reduce sedentary time and deter the onset of childhood obesity amongst school-aged youth

3) Increase opportunities for youth to participate in mindfulness exercises as a means to combat trauma and feelings of depression.

4) Increase youth exposure to the creative/performing arts.

Program Objectives
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