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What's Included In Your Credit File

Personal information.

This includes your name, employer, telephone number, Social Security number, current and former addresses, and current and former employers. If you're married and share finances, your spouse's name may also be included in the credit report information.

Credit history.

This information makes up the bulk of the personal credit report and includes your current and former accounts with credit card companies, banks, retailers, mortgage lenders, and any other past and present credit information. It describes in great detail when your accounts were opened, the credit limit or size of the loan(s), current balances, the types of credit issued, monthly payments, and any late payments or accounts that were delinquent.


Public records.

This credit report information includes any bankruptcies, court judgments, and/or liens against your name for unpaid taxes or other unpaid loans that went to collections.

Credit report inquiries.

When an agency of any kind requests your credit report information, this inquiry is noted and becomes part of your credit report. Notes will be made any time you apply for any type of loan or credit card; take out a line of credit with a retailer; or reply to unsolicited inquiries, such as pre-approved credit card solicitations.

Disputed Accounts

Any disputes you may have filed. Any time you dispute any type of claim, it's noted on your credit report. If you see any inaccuracies and wish to dispute them to preserve your credit rating, your attempts are noted as part of your credit report information.

The Following Information Is Not Included In Your Credit File

​Checking Accounts

​Savings Accounts

​Debit Cards

​Prepaid Cards

​Non-Delinquent Medical Bills

​Non-Delinquent Utility Payments (in certain states even delinquent utility bills won’t be included)

​Rewards Earnings

​Private Loans

Federal law prohibits discrimination based on faith, sex, political viewpoints, or affiliation with specific groups or causes. As such, your credit reports will not include mention of your:




​Political Affiliation

In conclusion, what’s not included in your credit report information is your race, criminal record, driving record, religious affiliation, health records, and current level of income. This is intentional - the outcome of every credit application is supposed to be based solely on how responsibly you've managed your credit.

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